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        百灵达公司 - 财务经理
        Palintest - Finance Manager







        公司 / 部门


        The Role

        The Finance Manager will be responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the Palintest China office and actively support the China Regional Manager in driving forward the growth strategy for the company in the territory.


        The Finance Manager will report directly to the China Regional Manager and have a small team reporting to them. They will work closely with all other areas of the Company and Halma Group both in the UK and China.

        Key Tasks

        1. Defining and Maintaining effective business processes and systems
        1.1. Implementation and operation of systems to control all aspects of the day to day financial and administrative activities required by the business in China.
        1.2. Ensure provision of IT infrastructure and systems to communicate effectively with the Palintest teams in China and UK and the Halma China WOFE.
        1.3. Implementation and maintenance of ERP and CRM systems.
        1.4. Investigate and assess the optimum timing for establishment of a dedicated Palintest WOFE and be familiar with the procedures associated with operation of a WOFE
        1.5. Identify and implement improvements to processes and systems on an ongoing basis
        2. Timely and accurate forecasting and reporting
        2.1. Provide management information reports on sales, orders, overhead spend.
        2.2. Together with the Regional Manager develop forecasts for monthly sales, margins & overhead expenditure
        2.3. Assist the UK Finance Director to compile budget information on manpower, overhead and facility costs
        3. Provide effective control and management
        3.1. Manage and develop small team of administative staff
        3.2. Provision of office accommodation and facilities for the China team
        3.3. Implement and maintain suitable commercial contracts with third party suppliers and subcontractors.
        3.4. Control overhead expenditure in line with forecasts
        3.5. Effective liaison with Halma WOFE, customers and suppliers to optimise cashflow
        3.6. Provide the China team with HR support
        3.7. Control and optimise stock levels
        4. Communication and Coordination
        4.1. Maintain effective communication between the Palintest China office, Halma WOFE and Palintest UK Management team.
        4.2. Raise any areas of major concern or significant deviation from forecast to the relevant level at the earliest opportunity


        1. Bachelor or Higher degree in in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration.
        2. 5+ years experience in a finance type role with 3+ years experience of finance management, ideally in a manufacturing enterprise
        3. High level of IT proficiency, ideally using ERP and CRM systems
        4. Understanding of the operation of a WOFE
        5. Fluent in both spoken and written English
        6. Excellent attention to detail and problem solving skills
        7. Strong organisational skills in a fast-paced environment
        8. Clear and concise communicator
        9. Ability to cope with pressure and deliver to tight schedules




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