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        飞博盖德公司 - 生产经理
        Fiberguide - Production Manager







        公司 / 部门



        The target of the production manager, China is to run operation department to provide solid support to sales/marketing team on delivery, quality, cost control, inventory and cooperate with R&D on new product introduction, process optimization, product line expansion.


        To achieve Fiberguide China target on localizing production/service and exponential growing in China market.


        1. Rapidly develop a working understanding on Fiberguide’s core competencies.

        2. Collaborate with multi-functional teams including sales, R&D, customer service and US team to clearly understand the requirements and deliver the results.

        3. Manage and improve the efficiency of the China operation team.

        4. Reduce the cost and improve the quality of China production.

        5. Quick response and short delivery time to customer orders.

        6. Maintain and improve documentation system.


        1. Define production plan, update Kanban and delivery forecast.

        2. Daily monitoring the process control and improve first pass yield.

        3. Daily monitoring the quality control and minimize the return rate.

        4. Maintain master data related to ERP and run MRP purchasing demands , support finance regular reporting

        5. Co-work with CRM to handle returns through RMA procedure on time.

        6. Collaborate R&D on new product introduction and owning the actions of budget forecasting, sourcing and operator training.

        7. Manage the supply chain, include sourcing, delivery and incoming quality check.

        8. Proposing and executing operation cost reduction plan with 5% cost down each year as target, including but not limited in process optimization, inventory optimization, lean manufacturing, equipment maintenance and utilization optimization etc.

        9. Process, SOP, Quality document system maintenance and improvement.

        10. Inventory management, stock counting quarterly, minimize the error which should be less than 0.1% of the total value.

        11. Leading internal/external regular product line audit and pass.

        12. Technically evaluate returns and issue RMA report.

        13. Operations weekly meeting with Fiberguide U.S, discuss and update related project/task.

        14. International travelling 1~2 time each year, mostly to US.


        1. At least 8 years’ experience in manufacturing industry,

        2. At least 3 years production management experience in photonics, optics or fiber optics industry.

        3. At least 3 years hands-on technical experience in photonics, optics or fiber optics industry.

        4. Familiar with ERP systems. Experience in Kingdee system is an advantage.

        5. Familiar with ISO, lean manufacturing.

        6. Bachelor Degree in engineering/management or above.

        Candidate attributes

        1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

        2. Demonstrated ability to be a highly productive initiator of and participant in multi-functional team work.

        3. A team player interested in working with multi-functional teams.

        4. Self-motivated.

        5. Positive attitude.

        6. High-energy level.

        7. Fluent English both written and spoken.

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