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        海洋光学公司 - 销售与市场副总裁
        Ocean Optics - VP of Sales & Marketing







        公司 / 部门


        Job Summary:
        Ocean Optics is a global, fast growing entrepreneurial company focused on improving the quality of life for people worldwide. How do we do this? Our spectrometers and optical sensing systems help customers solve their measurement challenges, ranging from blood and protein analysis to semiconductor processing and solar energy research. We collaborate with bold, passionate innovators who believe in the power of spectroscopy to improve the quality of life. 
        The Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ocean Optics Asia will lead the Sales and Marketing teams to consistently deliver annual sales for Ocean Optics in China through world class sales talent in OEM, direct sales to research and science customers, and distributor relationship management. Through strategic marketing and marketing communications capabilities, you will have the opportunity to develop and lead the implementation of a high-growth commercial plan consistent with the OOI global plan. The position will report to the Vice President and General Manager, Ocean Optics Asia.

        Key Responsibilities:
        1. Deliver sales in high-growth region and maximize new product launches in alignment with OOI global strategy and plan;
        2. Develop sales organization that aligns with regional and global strategy;
        3. Develop and implement sales incentive plan to drive sales performance and reward high performance team members;
        4. Develop new business models and approaches to build new markets in a sustainable way;
        5. Lead the product management team to develop commercial strategies to drive sales and profits with winning customer solutions through the product development roadmap and business proposition development;
        6. Implement market research and communicate customer insights to Ocean Optics Asia team and global teams to shape the global commercial strategy;
        7. Leading the marketing communication team to ensure Ocean Optics branding in the region; 
        8. Lead and motivate sales team to reach the monthly, quarterly and yearly commitment;
        9. Establish and cultivate strong relationships with key customers, OEMs, and distributors;
        10. Attract, develop and retain high performers.

        Attraction Factors:
        1. Ocean Optics is a well-recognized leader in miniature spectroscopy, particularly in the research and science markets, bioscience markets, semi-conductor market and LED market;
        2. Ocean Optics Asia resources and capabilities in product development, engineering, and manufacturing on a local basis in Shanghai;
        3. Entrepreneurial opportunity to continue to build the business;
        4. Parent company, Halma, offers business infrastructure support and career development opportunities.
        5. Ocean Optics has tremendous potential for growth (30-50% annually).

        1. Proven experience driving YOY sales and exponential growth 
        2. Demonstrated successful leadership of strategic marketing team
        3. 5+ years application and sales experience in related industry
        4. 5+ years successful people management experience
        5. Lead and manage a sales and marketing organization with annual revenue of more than 300 M RMB
        6. Excellent spoken and written Chinese and English is a must 
        7. Bachelor’s degree (Preferably in Chemical Analysis, Chemical Engineering, Bio-science, Environmental Engineering, Physics, Photonics, Semiconductor Engineering or Digital, Data management)

        Preferred qualifications & experience:
        1. History of work experience with international companies;
        2. Experience collaborating in a multi-cultural company environment;
        3. Background conducting business in China, Japan, Korea and South East Asia; 
        4. Ability to influence and work effectively in a management matrix environment;
        5. ISO processes;
        6. ERP and CRM systems;
        7. Demonstrated skill management relationships with Chinese government officials;
        8. Successfully managed sales organizations including training and coaching;
        9. Proven strong strategic marketing planning and execution;
        10. Strong leadership skills;
        11. Good communication skills;
        12. Presentation skills;

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